Your Session Experience . . .

Each session is different as we co-create our experience and I also create a session that fits your needs based on our initial phone chat. . .

First. . . I offer a ritual shower. . . I like to spend some time tuning together through eye gazing. . . I will listen to your wishes, fantasies…I will guide you into your body by laying you down on a soft fabric, on a top of the line massage table…I will consciously put Heart Energy into my palms, hands, into you. . . guiding your breath as you begin to drift in sensual reverie. . . moment to moment opening of your body sensations, breath, and pleasure. . . touching you with a long stroke hot oil massage. . .bringing you into a slow hypnotic space where your senses are enlivened, your mind at rest, and you are able to move in a sensual, meditative dance. . . awakening and inspiring your visceral and vital body energy. . .

Through a fluid flow between Experience and Technique, I will guide you into Energetic Tantric Touch, Deep Breath,  Union with One, allowing you to spontaneously open to the alive, expressive, spiritual, and emotional creature you most truly are.

Sensual healing and meditation

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Sensual by Nature Studio a sanctuary dedicated to Mindful Buddhist and Traditional Tantric Practice.

Sensual Tantric Dakini, Muse, Goddess of Love and Enlightened Sensuality


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