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Dear Oceana, Your ability to connect is masterful. The sensual exploration is amazing. Honestly feel like a completely new man. Thank you 🙏🏼

Dear Oceana, Your energy was incredible, guidance & knowledge truly welcomed and that was the single best full body experience I’ve had to date. My head was pins and needles right down to my toes on the best of ways. Appreciate your talent and thank you again

Dear Oceana, Divine Muse, Thank you for enlivening me and reminding me to live my life fully. I need to take care of myself as a still-living human with vitality and needs and hopes and dreams. You are certainly part of that for me. I always love and value our time together, and do not want to see that ever end. As I took the two- hour drive which affords me much music but also deep thought, I thought of all the happiness and bliss I have enjoyed in your company. I thought of the three group events I attended. I do have many friends and my amazing family, but they are quite different from the kinds of things I have enjoyed with you. Life is too short to deny ourselves, myself, the possible enjoyments, within boundaries.  Again, I leave wishing you happiness, bliss, joy and fulfillment in all that you do. With much gratitude and love

Dear Oceana, Time flies.  It was 6 years ago today when I had my first break through session with you.  I am still learning from it.  I am so grateful that you are a Dakini 🙏🌹

Dakini, Thank you for a lovely time spent together … You are outSTANDing!! that’s you … always unusual and surprising at the same time familiar and so warm & comfortable. I love going wherever you guide me. New dimensions in the best ways. Thank you. And onward we go…..

Dear Goddess, Thank you again for a wonderful journey yesterday! I really do appreciate your patience with me, as I am new to so many of what you guide me to discover.  Please do continue to push me, push my boundaries, make me better!!!!! I will work on improving myself before my next session. Promise. See you soon again!

Dear Oceana, Thank you again for an absolutely beautiful escape. I feel like I shed the past months of stress and I’m ready to start anew. Be well and again, thank you.

Hello Oceana, Radiant Summer Greetings! I valued our last session. The residual energy lasted for several days. I finished reading your book as a continuation of my journey of tantric discovery and look forward to seeing you again. Will you be available for a lesson this week? Namaste.

Hi Oceana, I just wanted to THANK YOU for the amazing session. I really liked the flow of things happened and really really enjoyed your dance  moves. Have a wonderful week and hope to see you soon.

To my Guide and Inspiration,  You have an amazing ability to write Only Fans posts and put into words guidance and affirmation that touches my soul and being in such a meaningful and timely way.   It’s been a bit of a difficult week, one filled with plenty of opportunity for self-doubt along the way.  Your post on Thursday was very meaningful, especially the second half, when you said “This is your world…To traverse and explore…Empower yourself…Send breath more deeply into your body… This is your life, your now…Find the moments within each day to reconnect… Healthy living…Let go of cravings…Listen to the thoughts in your mind…Separate the negatives from the positives…”  So simple, focused, powerful and pure.  Reassuring and reaffirming. Thank you.

Hello Oceana Just wanted to thank you for another exploratory evening. My wife and I really enjoyed ourselves and look forward to next time.

Hello Oceana, Thank you for your kindness and hospitality, you were patient and able to help me relax and be present in the moment.  I told you I was hoping to find someone I could trust and allow myself to be truly vulnerable with; emotionally and physically. In just our first session found glimpses and moments that showed me that was possible.  I do find you easy to talk with, and I especially enjoy the in the moment dialogue when we were laughing and smile. Trust being created in the moment.  I have to tell you that in just this first session I felt the most intense and intimate moments of my life. I felt truly present with you.  Connected in breath, vibration and touch. I was truly accepting of all and giving you all of myself.   I know my energy has shifted. I’ve found myself meditating on it. The experience is seeing your soul through your eyes, the true pleasure I am feeling still. You have shown me you have strong intuition to read my vibe and I am interested in seeing you again. Again, many thanks for your warmth and showing up for me. It meant more than you realize.

Dear Oceana, Thank you again, I appreciate my time with you.  Not only is it a great experience you always teach me something new.  Enjoy your weekend.

Hi Dakini! Thank you again for coordinating such an amazing experience.💃🏃‍♀️Hope the other couple had a great time as well!

Looking forward to our next group experience!

Dear Princess,  You are soooooo wonderful! Thank you for your care, reminding me that we always get past the storms with new opportunities and sunshine on the other side. Best to remember that we always get through them with patience and breath.  Thank you for posting the Rose Video on YouTube! It’s great to be able to hear you and enjoy your message. It is always refreshing! I hope that you can post more educational videos, over time. Forever grateful

Oceana, Thank you. I feel fantastic. I really appreciate you.

Oceana, Thank you for always being so enlightened, caring, and wholly sensual. It’s a wonderful thing to feel comfortable around you. ❤️

Dearest Oceana !! I love how intuitive you are. your eyes, windows into you loving soul, your face, more likely to launch 1,000 ships than Helen of Troy did.

I cannot thank you and praise you enough for how you loved and supported me…I am so grateful! Thank you. I loved how you listened. Listening indicates caring. It matters so much. I cannot wait to come back!

Dear Goddess, It has been so long since I have visited New York. I hope to soon again. I watched your OF videos. I cannot put in words the things that I felt as I heard your voice again and saw your beauty.  New sensations and thoughts… racing heart….. beating faster….. standing solemn….. speechless…….  feelings things that I have never felt before….. an awakening….. mind blowing.

Dakini, You are on a level and world that I want to be on.
All I can say is thank you.  I express my gratitude for your abundance of kindness and generosity.  Your willingness and non judgement. There is a term or phrase called “the givers, gain”.  Because your heart is so full of life and love and because you are so willing to share your magic with others, than I hope your rewards are so plentiful.  I can’t say enough praiseworthy things about you.  You are the closest thing to perfection I have ever met.

Dear Oceana, A lovely spectacular exploratory celebratory oceanic even comic and always with love love love all around surrounding … nowhere else, no one else like you … 🌻💐🌺🌷🌸🌹🌼🔥

Dear Dakini, Just wanted to express gratitude for you and for how you held such a space for me and my partner this week! We are communicating and understanding each other in new and beautiful ways, and having a lot of fun. 💜💜💜💜 You are such a healing magical force. So much love.

What is a Dakini?

A Dakini. . .an honorary title given to women who have the rare ability to help people instantly connect to spirit through the embodiment of divine feminine energy. . . In the presence of a Dakini, one can become spontaneously awakened, and set free of the masks and pretenses that disempowered them. This initiation would enable them to connect with states of divine union and bliss that they had always longed to experience. . .

A Muse is of the Greek to inspire. . . a woman cultivating such feminine divine that she serves as the source of inspiration for a creative artist, and for the creative vitality in those who cherish her. . .

I exist to do both. . . guide you to a deeper connection with your internal self and inspire your creativity to develop into manifestations that exist within you now but are beyond your conscious knowledge at this time. . .

 Tantra Therapist is a practitioner who listens deeply, and offers technique to help you through various physical and mental blocks.

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 “Live wholly, Love Deeply, Laugh Often. . “ xo Oceana

Feel more of Oceana in your world. . I offer sensual tantric video through OnlyFans Membership & Youtube Videos

Feel more of Oceana in your world

I offer sensual tantric video through OnlyFans Membership & Youtube Videos


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