A bit about Oceana…

I am a multi-faceted woman, filled with joie de vivre, gifted in easy going, open-minded acceptance, and compassion. I am artistic, wise beyond human years, soulful, passionate, and intensely intuitive. Trained in ballet and modern dance, I have been blessed to travel much of the world. Always spiritual and sensual by nature, my travels awakened in me a desire to center my life around exploring the vast powers of the Life Force through achieving expansive, ecstatic states. I enjoy, walking under the sky, and swimming in oceans… the natural wonders of the grand outdoors. . I love silence and meditative space.

I am licensed in and draw intuitively from Reiki Mastery, Hypnotherapy, Kundalini Yoga, Swedish and Esalen massage and the early roots of Taoist philosophy and yoga practices. . .Trained professionally in Holistic Integrative Mind/ Body-Oriented Therapy, Holistic Nutrition, I maintain a practice myself to remain open as a channel of love and guidance, with the intention of inspiring the love in your heart that you then can channel to all areas of your own life…


My presence . . .  As a sensual healer . . . I am disarming and enlightening.

I provide for you a sacred space to tune in to the present. . . to be guided into gentle meditative, sensori-awareness breath and deep, soothing sensual touch, and slow, sensual meditative dance. . .
It has been said that I am “like an ocean, a depth of sensuality…an open channel of love…”

Tantric Sessions by Oceana

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Sensual by Nature Studio a sanctuary dedicated to Mindful Buddhist and Traditional Tantric Practice.

Sensual Tantric Dakini, Muse, Goddess of Love and Enlightened Sensuality


Warmth, Blessings, Health,
Dakini Oceana 🌹
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“Live wholly, love deeply, laugh often. . . ” xo