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I offer a serene, cande lit environment with soft music, warm oil, hot shower, and loving touch. Wherever we meet, I create a Sanctuary for peace and sensuality….a private, elegant experience.
I Offer flexible accommodations or can visit you in South Florida, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami. Simply email inquire with me and we will arrange a session time, date and location. 

To Introduce. . .

Please email an initial introduction of yourself, something meaningful and intentions for our meeting. . . I will respond within twenty four hours. Please be respectful of my time and review website before contacting me to find answers to general questions.

For South Florida Bookings  PLEASE EMAIL a Personal Introduction: SensualByNatureTantra

How did you find me? What about my gifts interest you? Are you having health issues? When do you hope visit? For how long a session?


I will reply and create a phone chat within 24 hrs

*If we agree to meet, I will ask you to hold your appointment with at least a 20% deposit, we will discuss details on phone. Same day appts are sometimes available.


In Studio ~ Men & Women

60 Minutes: 500
90 Minutes: 600
2 hours: 800
3 hours: 1200

4 hours: 1500

Longer sessions can be arranged- Mutual Guidance and Shower Ceremonies Possible, inquire in person


90 Minutes: 800
2 hours: 1000
3 hours: 1500
4 hours: 2000 & 6 hours: 3500


Enter the World of Sensual by Nature. . . Where we honor, celebrate and cultivate sensuality 

VIRTUAL FACE TO FACE via FACETIME *Be anywhere in the world, and engage with me in intimate, sensual tantric experience.

30 Minutes: 22o

60 Minutes: 400

90 minutes 500

Enter the World of Sensual by Nature. . . Where we honor, celebrate and cultivate sensuality

~Gifts of any sort that you feel will bless the sanctuary’s beauty and myself are accepted. . . I love anything you wish share with me. . .And of course gifts are not necessary . . .I am here today and always. . . xo

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I offer sensual tantric video through OnlyFans Membership & Youtube Videos


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To enhance your Tantric path, I gift you complimentary content and teachings on this site. If you are inspired and wish make a contribution to SBN Studio, you are welcome to here. 🌺 Your gifts are appreciated and dedicated to studio growth 🌺

For Bookings, send Oceana an introductory note!

Sensual by Nature Studio a sanctuary dedicated to Mindful Buddhist and Traditional Tantric Practice.
Sensual Tantric Dakini, Muse, Goddess of Love and Enlightened Sensuality

Warmth, Blessings, Health,
Dakini Oceana 🌹
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“Live wholly, love deeply, laugh often. . . ” xo